Nature, outdoor hot spring, and dish … B & B of full charm
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Why not come to this pension in nature with clean air, woods and beautiful stars!

bath room photo Come to pension "ARINOTOU" - located in the forest 4 km away from the world heritage Nikko Tosho-gu famous for two shrines and a temple. You can relax and have a good time with animals here. You'll have a chance to see wild deer, monkeys and pheasants. In addition to our staff member, six dogs including two golden retrievers are waiting for you. When you play badminton, basketball or baseball in the large golden which is partly used as parking lots, these dogs want to join you in the game or beg to take for a walk.
"ARINOTOU" is a hotel type pension with high consideration of privacy. It is built on 2,300 square meter land surrounded by woods. There are only copse and some villas 1km around it. Three lodges painted by different colors were imported from Canada and assembled by a Canadian carpenter. Sometimes, guests give us compliments on our rooms by saying "Woo. It's cool!".
Three kinds of open-air baths are available, which we boast of much. There, you can enjoy beating-bath (hot water falling onto your body comfortably), sleeping-bath (resting your head on the edge of bathtub) and drinking-bath (you can enjoy Japanese sake while taking a bath). You'll feel as if you were in the traditional inn (Japanese hotel), enjoying forest view, constant chirping of birds, perfect stars at night.You can refresh your body with a Japanese style out-door bath after enjoying many wonderful views of our sightseeing spots such as the world cultural heritage temples and shrines.
Out-door bathes can be exclusively used by guests sharing room.


ARINOTOU 1544-150, Tokorono, Nikko-shi, Tochigi-ken, JAPAN Zip code: 321-1421
TEL: +81-288-53-4362    FAX: +81-288-53-4639    E-mail:
  Main lodge Annex lodge
  • Consumption tax. is included in every charge.
One night Weekday From ¥5,250 From ¥5,775
Fridays and
From ¥6,300 From ¥6,825
Weekday From ¥6,000 From ¥6,500
Fridays and
From ¥7,000 From ¥7,500
two meals
Weekday From ¥8,925 From ¥9,975
Fridays and
From ¥9,975  From ¥10,500 
During Christmas & New Year, golden week in May, summer vacation and other consecutive holidays, special season charges are adapted.
Children Charges for children are available. For further information,send a mail to us.  
In the event that you must cancel a reservation the following fees apply.
  Same day : 100% per person
  9 to 1 day(s)
: 5000 yen per person
  19 to 10 days 
: 3000 yen per person
Main lodge Twin room 33m2(area occupied)
  Each room has a
unit bath and a closet.

Double room 33m2(area occupied)
Dining room1 53m2(with a fireplace)
Dining room2 53m2
Annex lodge
with BS TV
Twin room 40m2(area occupied)
Double room 33m2(area occupied)
Western room 43m2(area occupied)
Japanese room 43m2with tatami mats
(area occupied)
Japanese and
western room
53m2with tatami mat
(area occupied)
Play room 66m2 (Piano, game
and vending machine)
Equipments Each room has air-conditioner, TV-set, washroom and hair dryer, Face towel, Tooth brush, Body soap, Rinse in shampoo
Rock open-air bath Bubble bath and hot Japanese sake equipment
  • Open-air baths can
    be reserved at
Granite open-air bath Shower room and sleeping bath
open-air bath
Shower room and beating bath
Access 7 minutes from the Tobu-Nikko station or JR-Nikko station by car
(Shuttle service is available. Please contact us.)
9 minutes from highway Nikko I.C. by car
  • Sightseeing of "Nikko," the world cultural legacy, feeling the great nature -Attractive
    annex was opened in 1998 winter.Three different types of open-air baths like a Japanese
    traditional hotel can be reserved. -Free of charge !
  • Lake Chuzenji [30 minutes by car], Edo-village [20 minutes by car] and Tohshogu
    [6 minutes by car]
  • Accomodations for groups, circles and seminars are on consultaion.